RADIO LUXEMBOURG 208 πŸ˜‰ By 1934 Radio Luxembourg was using 200,000-wtransm to send popular commercial radio programs from the tiny duchy across Europe. Radio Luxembourg with a worlds best music! Krank it up! The Station of the Stars, Radio Luxembourg is for you! Whoever you may be and wherever you may be! Luxy is On! 😊

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In 1924, radio technician François Anen built a 100w transmitter in his home in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Within two years, the government of Luxembourg had reached an agreement to subsidize the station to broadcast military music concerts. Radio Luxembourg, always one step ahead! Worlds best music is quaranteed! Radio Luxembourg, planet earths biggest commercial radio station! Tomorrows hits today! My favorite radio station is Radio Luxembourg 208! Number one 24h a day Radio Luxembourg! 😘

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